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Mini splits are a great heating and cooling option for your home addition or area where duct work is not present

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A ductless mini-split heat pump system is a compact and versatile heating and air conditioning alternative to a conventional heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system that uses air ducts to distribute conditioned air throughout an environment. Ductless technology is ideal for applications in which installing a conventional ducted HVAC system would be too costly or technically difficult to be worthwhile.

How Ductless Systems Work

In a typical installation, a single outside condensing unit supplies refrigerant and power to multiple air handlers located in separate rooms. Unlike traditional systems that treat all the air for your home at a central location and then distribute it to each room, a mini-split system cools (or heats if a heat pump i installed), dehumidifies, and filters the air right in the room where it's needed. You get room-by-room temperature control and better energy efficiency.

Facts To Consider

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Compared to a conventional ducted HVAC system, a mini-split system offers many advantages:


Each room is its own comfort zone with its own thermostat, which saves energy and maximizes savings by creating customized comfort zones that best fit your family’s needs. This allows the living areas to be kept warm, the bedrooms cooler, and the bathrooms somewhere in between.


Each room is supplied with its own air handler and filter system. Advanced multi-stage air filtration eliminates odors, allergens, bacteria, and other contaminants that impact air quality.


A substantial amount of energy is required to start a compressor. In a mini-split system, the inverter uses the exact amount of energy needed to cool or heat an area without turning the compressor on or off, thus saving you money for electricity.


  • Cleaning the filter
  • Cleaning the blower wheel
  • Inspecting the condensate line and cleaning as necessary
  • Overview of proper operation including zone function

Allison's team of technicians is experienced with installation, repair and maintenance of split systems.