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AC Repair & Maintenance Ensures Efficiency and Comfort

When it's hot and sticky outside it should feel cool and comfortable inside. If that old A/C isn't cooling let one of our professionals diagnose the issue. We can repair most major brands. But, if your A/C system has seen better days, let us install a new highly efficient Rheem A/C system.

It’s a fact: Having your AC repair expert come out more often than not is a possibility that arises when home air conditioning units are not properly maintained! Having your air conditioning system regularly maintained is essential to your home’s level of comfort. If your system isn’t running to the best of its abilities it could be consuming more energy than necessary and not providing the comfort you count on. Maintaining your home’s HVAC systems is just as important as keeping up with maintenance on your automobile.

Allison’s Plumbing, Heating, and A/C can make sure your AC unit and other HVAC systems continue to run smooth and efficient. Below are a few items our technicians check for during a maintenance visit.

Choosing a New Air Conditioning System

When its time for a new air conditioning system Allison’s Plumbing, Heating, and A/C can provide you with efficient options. By providing industry leading Rheem equipment we can make sure your home stays comfortable and your utility bills stay low. We offer Rheem solutions because of the top-quality, innovative products with the latest technology, dependable performance, great warranties and excellent service and support. All of this is why we confidently say, “Welcome to the new degree of comfort.”

Facts To Consider

  • Proper Sizing: To meet the demand of usage
  • Energy Efficient: Providing a cost saving
  • Quality of Unit: Better build units last longer
  • Availability: To meet the projected deadline
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Choosing a New Air Conditioning System

Allison’s Plumbing, Heating, and A/C can make sure your Air Conditioning (AC) system continues to run smooth and efficient. Below are a few items our technicians check during a maintenance visit:

  • Check/replace the air filter
  • Inspect pulleys and belts, if present
  • Check the outdoor condensing unit. Clean as required
  • Ensure there is adequate air circulation around the outdoor condensing unit by clearing/removing of leaves and debris
  • Inspect insulation on refrigerant lines
  • Inspect the condensate line for blockage. Ensure there is adequate drainage
  • Inspect the A coil. Clean as required
  • Inspect ducts for dust, mold or debris
  • Inspect all supply and return air vents and clean as required
  • Operate the system, verify correct thermostat operation, and ensure correct operating temperatures

What do good central air units have in common?

The best ones are efficient, operating on minimal electricity to hold utility bills down. They provide steady, dependable performance year after year when properly maintained. Good systems are quiet, long-lasting and low in service needs.

How can I be sure my Unit is the right size?

Obviously, an air conditioner that’s too small won’t keep your home sufficiently cool. But what many don’t realize is that an over-sized system will cycle (turn on and off) more than necessary, wasting expensive energy and possibly putting undue strain on the compressor.

Allison’s Plumbing, Heating, and A/C will determine the optimum size for your home by making a careful study of your cooling requirements. Window dimensions and exposure. Floor space, insulation and local climate. Heat-generating appliances. The direction your home faces. Even the amount of your home’s exterior shaded by trees.

Allison’s Plumbing, Heating, and A/C can specify the cooling capacity of the system in either Btu/h (British thermal units of heat removed per hour) or refrigeration tons (one ton being equal to 12,000 Btu/h).

Which air conditioners are energy efficient?

Much like automobile manufacturers, today’s air conditioner manufacturers are required by law to evaluate and rate their equipment according to its energy efficiency. This rating is known in the industry as a SEER, or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating. The higher the SEER, the more efficient the equipment.

Most new homes with central air come equipped with a standard builder’s model. However, when replacement becomes necessary, property owners can upgrade their air conditioning by specifying a more energy-efficient system.

High SEER models are generally more expensive, but can easily make up the difference by reducing your home energy bills over the long run.

Are some air conditioners built better than others?

The compressor is the heart of a condensing unit. On a hot day, it works long and hard. Rheem installs the highly advanced scroll compressor in every Rheem condensing unit we produce. Scroll Compressors are recognized by the industry as the leader in reliability, efficiency and quiet operation.

Other features to look for include louvered steel cabinets that protect the coils from damage and expensive repair bills.

Also, with some condensing units, the fan can be another source of bothersome noise. Rheem units have a grill design that minimizes air restriction for quieter fan operation.

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Clean Indoor & Outdoor Coils

  • Dirty coils reduce the operational efficiency of your system, costing more in energy bills and an increase in wear-and-tear.

Maintain Refrigerant Levels

  • Too much or too little refrigerant can damage the compressor leading to decreased efficiency. Proper levels are critical.